Optical technology has brought great progress to human civilization for a thousand years. It has played an indispensable role in all aspects of human’s life, such as illumination, communication, manufacturing and medicine, etc. And in 2015, the United Nations declared “the international year of light” to commemorate the major human discoveries in the field of light over the past millennium. That means the optical technology will continue to impact the world with the most advanced science.
       In China, there are some individual institutes and companies for optical research, engaging in the development of optical manufacturing, fiber communication as well as smart phone cameras that contribute a lot to the optical industry. However, without a systematical approach to exchange and cooperate with the most advanced technological institute, the big breakthrough will not appear.
       So now, Xi’an Technological University establishes the International Center of Optical Research and Education (iCORE), with the support of the government of Shaanxi Province and many experts in optics at home and abroad, to encourage more education and cooperation in optical technology and contribute to the future development of optical industry.
       The International Center of Optical Research and Education, with a huge number of and excellent faculty, have already more than 2000 undergraduates, 200 graduate and 35 Ph.D. students  enrolled, which makes iCORE the biggest institution for research and education in optics. iCORE devotes to educate professionals in optics and promote the development of optical technology and industry. It gives the students a broad way to engage in a broad range of programs covering coating film, aspheric surface measurement, Precision Manufacturing and remote sensing, etc..
       Building on that, iCORE will push ahead and make sustained efforts in the future to promote the development of optical technology with a strengthened sense of responsibility and mission. Meanwhile, we sincerely welcome your involvement and hope that you will continue further interactions with iCORE.

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